Friday, March 11, 2011

On your mark....

Foggy, as I look out the motel window at what is surly the Pacific, cloaked in the morning mist. Today 13 other riders and the ride staff will gather for howdy's and orientation; a rider meeting followed by dinner. These gatherings are always filled with hopeful excitement and nervous second thoughts, about the journey before us, ( will I be the slowest rider? can I get along with these folks for seven weeks? bigger question, can they get along with me? LOL. It's the nature of new beginnings, not much different than a new school and a new grade for kids.)
One question, I have going on, is how will I like the supported tour vs the self contained tours of my past. In self contained touring I'm carrying all my gear on my bike. I'm independent. If things get uncomfortable I can go my own way. In supported, you pay a fee, they carry your gear, cook your meals and so forth, but you are tethered to the ride. Good or not so good? Depends on variables, many of which I don't control. Bubba, the larger than life tour leaders slogan is, "it's all good". Let's hope so! Any way, last month when I phoned Bubba to sign up, I agreed to the first eight days, SD to Tucson. That was my commitment, with the hope that I'll want to continue beyond. Still, you don't prepare for a seven week trip by only thinking of the first week, so I have been looking way down field, as in St Augustine.

One more thing. On past tours I have mentally dedicated the ride to some ones or thing. Break the Cycle in 97 was my Parents and Habitat for Humanity. Vision Quest in 03, was Pam and my pending retirement.
Tucson to Summit County Colorado, spring of last year, to Bruce Miles, my Pastor in Colorado, who was, at the time at deaths door waiting for a liver transplant. Thanks be to God, Bruce now has a new liver and lease on life!
This year I have my Hospice patients I visit as a volunteer, past and present, in my thoughts and prayers. The authentic friendships I have shared with these guys as they face some serious head winds in their lives has been a great blessing. So for the memory of J.R., Chuck, Harley, Harry Bill, Bill, and those whom I share time with currently, (HIPPA won't let me share names), this one is for you. Thanks for all you share with me. God Bless, bless all of us, as we journey on. So it goes.

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