Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Five, Blue Skies, Tailwinds

Good night sleep at the Yuma slumber-party at St. Paul's Cultural Center. A well equipped kitchen made for a good dinner and breakfast from our crack culinary crew, Erica, Snowflake, Krash and of course our French Chef, le Chef Bubba'. The "Big-Ol-Boy" and company served shrimp scampi for dinner and scrambled eggs florentine for breakfast.

Preceded by stretching for road weary muscles, led by Robin Wooten.

By 8:00 it was cowboy up, on the road following a wandering rout out of town avoiding a climb, on I-8, over Dome Mountain. The fortunate result was a real-time tour of Americas winter salad bowl. The lettuce goes from dirt to crate in about thirty seconds, if you have a spider in the's apt to be alive.

The fertile soil and sunshine of Arizona would not allow this productivity without.........WATER!

The CAP water, Central Arizona Project, from the Colorado river puts produce on the American table throughout the winter.

Turning onto old highway 80 we proceeded on, parallel to I-8, enjoying a wonderful tailwind. Stopped for lunch in Tacna AZ,at the Patio Cafe. BLT, cottage cheese, peach cobbler along with tall glasses of ice tea refreshed as much as about an hour out of the saddle.

On to Dateland AZ and the Oasis Camp Ground. Total numbers, 77.5 miles, 4:24, 16.6 average. Good ride today. PTL.

Window in the St Paul's Cultural Center, Yuma AZ, catches the rising sun. March 16, 2011.

Location:Dateland AZ

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