Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wheat, wheat, more wheat, Cows, cows, more cows.

Yesterdays opening city, Tribune is the hub of wheat production in Western KS. The county's 1256, sturdy, friendly and dry

souls, live sixty miles from the nearest Walmart. The mayor announced "Greeley County had jobs ready and waiting for those who favor a high quality life style in Western Kansas."

His Honor didn't define "high quality" but when he quoted the Walmart statistic a cheer arose from a good many of the 800 riders gathered in the Greeley HS gym. Reports of homes going on the market in Kansas City, as cyclists rush to relocate, are as yet unconfirmed. Those anti Walmart elite would have a hell-of-a-time trying to find a latte in Western Kansas.
Riding out to the Colorado state line I passed by the Chatterbox Cafe

I stopped in to see if Garrison Keillor was holding court, nope, I was told, he up in Minnesota fussing about the Republicans and sipping on a latte, Oh well?
The 4-H club provided dinner, along with home made desserts, as well as breakfast this AM, all good.
Today's ride carried us 48 miles East to Scott City, through Cattle feed lot after feed lot.

We,re told 400,0000 head of cattle are fed and finished yearly in Scott County. This would be no place for a vegetarian.

Ag is BIG biz in KA, USA. Bring them in, feed them out to market weight, then off to the "packing house" and on to tables everywear.

We,re camped tonight on the HS football field, food is being offered by some of the local churches and well as the school, no sign of Starbucks here, but.......... the woman ARE strong, the men good looking and the children are all above average. From Scott City, Kansas, so it goes.

Location:Scott City, Kansas.

BAK, Bicycle Across Kansas>>>>>>>

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away folks from all corners of the map came to a place called Kansas to ride their bikes and eat pie. Well now Toto, that sounds like my kinda place. Pam and I have now beamed up to that fair, far away land beginning today for BAK, Bike Across Kansas. www.

BAK is not a luxury cruise with catered gourmet meals, fluffy mattresses, and gentle wake up calls. It can be tough and unforgiving. It can be some guy sleeping in the next tent who snores so loudly he shakes the corn from the stalks. (read bring ear plugs.)

It can be (and often is) an icy cold shower. It can be three days in a row of breakfast burritos and fruit cups. Read be flexible!
BAK is also sweeping vistas and wheat fields from horizon to horizon. Read amber waves of grain.

It is a sky so brilliant blue it will hurt your eyes. Bright white grain elevators will announce each new town.

Green rolling hills will defy the phrase “Kansas is just plain flat.” BAK can be an uphill grind that will test the limits of your endurance and downhill runs that pin your ears back. Biking Across Kansas is about seeing old bicycling friends and making new ones.

It is eating two pieces of pie after dinner and then riding down to the Dairy Queen for a late night treat. BAK, like most of its state ride cousins, is a chance to see your country, up close and personal, from the seat of your bicycle enjoying the views with like minded people.

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Location:Tribune Kansas