Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning TV, being a kid again.

Have you experienced the pleasure of reconnecting with childhood friends, through one of the social networking sites which have come on the scene of late? Recalling my childhood, in Lakewood Ohio, during the late 50's & early 60's, have afforded an uncommon opportunity to relive "those thrilling days of yesteryear", through shared memories. One of mine is Saturday Morning children's TV;..... Sky King in particular. "Out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King, a WWII naval aviator-turned rancher, who flies his twin-engine Cessna, named The Song Bird, high above the Arizona plains. Accompanying Sky on his adventures are his nephew, Clipper and his teen niece, Penny." All this in a thirty minute program brought to you by Nabisco. I reckon I became enchanted with Arizona during those 72 episodes aired between 1952 & 62 and repeated for many years there after.

Now some long distance touring cyclists will affectionally name their bicycle, spending as much time in the saddle as we do. I have always regarded this as a bit silly, that is, prior to acquiring my brand new Bruce Gordon BLT. A new bicycle can make you feel like a kid again. Somehow, riding through rural AZ desert & plains, inspired me to give her a name and the name is,........."The Song Bird"!..... WOW, doesn't that just knock your socks off? Well, OK, maybe not, but it's as good as any other and it does help overcome worrying about being silly.

The Song Bird

And if being silly is as bad as it gets,..... that's really pretty good, good being a kid again, if only in my heart.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Looking forward

About a year ago I purchased a new touring bicycle. Riding from our home in Tucson to our retreat home in Summit CO, Colorado, seemed a reasonable excuse and a doable goal. A fortnight cycling through the American Southwest the backdrop. The happy outcome was a time of discovery and re-discovery; discovery, up close, of our new neck of the woods, and re-discovery, with brand-new equipment and gear, my love of cycle touring.

If I'm anything it's thrifty, buying a touring bike for a two week ride? Hardly worth it, comes now the time to get my money's worth and cost average the new bike with a bit longer effort. So here I go on the Eat, Pray, Ride Tour,

For many of us who ride long and hard, the freedom to consume copious amounts of food with little effect on our waistline, a major reward. Thus Eat.

For, one such as I, a lifelong spiritual seeker, time in nature, at the contemplative pace of cycling, offers opportunity for reflection. Thus Pray

The magic carpet, providing the means for a simultaneous gastronomic and contemplative experience, the simple and beautiful bicycle. My machine is a Bruce Gordon BLT, which I call "The Song Bird", after Sky King's airplane and my love of singing, mostly barbershop harmony, and of flying as in bird. Thus Ride

So, with thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love", I think I'll name this edition of my pedal-persuits, Eat, Pray, Ride; One man's search for everything, bicycling across America.

Well there ya have it, beginning March 12, 2011, I, along with several others, will depart San Diego, California in route to St. Augustine, Florida, a journey of 3,000 miles over 52 days, through the Southern Tier of states. I'm not sure what will occur, day-to-day, or what we will encounter, what ever, I'll be eating, praying, riding and posting. Your welcome to come along, if you like.

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Eat, Pray, Ride; One man's search for everything, bicycling across America.n

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