Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot sun, cold shower.

I was out of camp and on the bike at 8:00 this morning. Twenty four miles down CA highway 98 our first sag stop was a nice break. From there it is back on I-8 and on to Felicity CA.

Now Felicity is what my Dad used to call a "clip joint", a tourist-trap built around a notion, on the part of the founder,that this is the center of the would.......more like the end of the world. LOL

They did, however, provide a tasty turkey sandwich and delicious desert.

Part of the fun of cycle touring is these kitchy clip joints. Places we do not typically visit but, hey, what the heck, when your riding past at 16 mph, might as well stop in.

From Felicity it was on to Yuma, a incorrect cue sheet provided a bit of quandary but we soon found St Paul's Historic Church, an old out of service Catholic Parrish Hall, where we will sleep all over the floor, slumber-party style. I was the first in and when I repaired to the shower, no water. What? We searched high and low for some clue as to why no flow......finally I spotted a long garden hose in the courtyard, checked, it had water, pulled it into the bathroom, Ted turned on the water and I and several others, in turn, had a refreshing, COLD, shower. Meanwhile our leader, Bubba, was getting some electrical issue on his travel trailer taken care of. Is this the PAMPERING we are paying for? We have a cold shower while he is seeing about his private quarters. Hmmmmmm, just askin? I like Bubba, but his ego-centric act is better taken if the services one has payed for and expects are provided.
Any way it was a vigorous 58 mile ride in the warm day, felling good and glad to be hear. So it goes.

Location:St Paul's Historic Church, Yuma AZ

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