Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thoughts of a Hospice Volunteer

Thoughts of a Hospice Volunteer

I come along beside him when his futures lookin' grim,
The doctors and the medics have done all they can for him.
He's feelin' lost and empty, as his time is runnin' short,
There seems to be no good news, he's issues yet to sort.

And so into this circumstance, I come to share his cares,
To listen to his hopes and dreams, his burdens and his prayers.
He tells me of his life and times, the days of sweet success,
The painful days of failure, from his heart he will express.

And as he grows to trust me, with his secrets and his fears,
The time will slow, he'll look at life and peal away veneers.
And once again he'll share, the tender times of vanished youth,
Bringing into focus, what life's lessons taught of truth.

There isn't any subject, that a feller won't explore,
To come to terms with finite time, before the exit door.
And so our friendship blossoms, as we share the stuff of life,
His soul begins to mellow, he's lettin' go of strife.

There comes an authenticity, as sham is striped away,
Now a feller's truly livin', lookin' forward to each day.
Every moments precious, when your sun is in the west,
There's the mighty metamorphous, to the life that's comin' next.

There's work to do, to come to terms, with lessons learned in life,
To pack your chute and be prepared, with pathos he is rife.
As time unfolds, the day will come, his sail will be unfurled,
He'll toss the lines, catch the winds, unto an other world.

For those who shared his journey, as he sorted out his times,
As he dealt with issues thorny, where he couldn't find the rhyme.
And finally found his center, the peace he long had sought,
To those who helped him on his way, it hasn't been for naught.

In time, my turn, to toss the line, to hoist the sail of hope,
To tread the quay of temporal shores and with my fears to cope.
And as the tide is rising and my ship is set to sail,
Thoughts of friends, from times long past, will quiet down the gale.

And when upon the promised shore my anchors holdin' fast,
I meet my savior face to face, my peace, I find at last.
And standing with my Jesus are the friends with whom I shared,
The tender final times of life and for their soul took care.

David Brunk, 3/27/13

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